Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Registry really free?
The first 100 serial numbers are free for anyone who uses the Registry. However, large numbers of serial numbers are required by corporations, and so we charge anyone who needs more than 100 numbers. The charge for additional numbers decreases as the quantity of registered items in the account increases: Additional numbers can be purchased by sending a cheque payable to the Neighbourhood Watch Association of St. Albert to:

Neighbourhood Watch Association of St. Albert
c/o Dale Fetterly
48 Holmgren Crescent
St Albert, Alberta, Canada T8N 5V3

How safe is my information?
Nothing in life is 100% safe, but we have taken reasonable steps to secure your information:

Who pays for this service?
The web site is supported and funded by the Neighbourhood Watch Association of St. Albert, which is a non-profit organization. Some additional funding is received from the City of St. Albert, and corporate partners have donated promotional materials. Donations are welcome, especially from people who recover their property through the Registry.

Who can use this service?
The service can be used by any person or organization. We encourage other crime prevention organizations to promote and utilize it. If you would like information about how you can promote this service in your community, send a message to

Why do you ask for so much personal information?
The information requested is similar to what would be required if you were registering a motor vehicle. The police need to positively identify you as the rightful owner of a recovered item before returning it to you. If you are not comfortable entering the mandatory information, then record your serial numbers on a paper form and store them in a safety deposit box or other secure place. The important thing is to know the serial numbers so you can supply them to the police when an item is lost.

What happens if I enter incorrect information?
If the serial number or description of your property is incorrect then the police will not match a recovered item to you, and won't be able to return it. If your contact information is incorrect then the police may not be able to locate you, which also makes it hard to return your item.

How can I fix incorrect information?
Simply register the item again. Each entry in the database is time stamped, so when police get multiple hits on a serial number they will assume that the most recent entry is correct.

Can I register items that do not have serial numbers?
Yes, if you have engraved or marked your property with a unique number such as your driver's licence. Use that number in place of a serial number.

What about textbooks?
Campus Security searches the database for the Student ID number (or driver's licence number) that you have written on your book, so use that as the serial number (do not put ISBN numbers in the Serial Number field). See Help for more details.

If I give you my email address, will you send me spam?
No. There are only 3 scenarios where you will be contacted:

What is your relationship to the community partners?
The organizations and businesses listed as community partners support the goals of the Serial Number Registry, but do not control it or have access to your information. Their contribution is to assist in raising public awareness of the Registry.

Wouldn't it be better to just prevent thefts in the first place?
Absolutely. Here are some theft prevention tips that will reduce the probability of someone taking your property.